Eternal Hope

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At the age of 46, Jim Chatterton’s life was changed forever when he collapsed from a major, life altering stroke. Not realizing at first the full extent of his injuries, Jim details with brutal honesty the impact it had on his life and his fragile mindset when the realization dawned on him of the seriousness of his situation. This is the story of how one man fought back against all the odds as he attempted to rebuild his shattered life. It is a moving, inspirational story of eternal hope and optimism, and the indomitable spirit that is inherent in all of us.

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Here’s some reviews:


Just finished the book. I knew most, but not all of the story. I was not aware of many of the details.

This book is awe inspiring! Jim certainly found the courage within. I understand the point he makes starting with the stroke and ending with Eternal Hope. My only comment would be that I would have preferred learning more about his entire life. Because I know Jim and what a great person he is, I always wanted to know more. Jim is the type person we all want to be, but few ever reach anywhere near that goal. He one of five people in my life that I admire and respect with the utmost sincerity.

This is one book I opened and could not put down until I had read the entire book.

Jim Jaggers


Being Jims daughter and living through this first hand this is a very true account of my dad’s life during these dark times. Touching and inspirational a must read for anyone who is going through a hard time or any reader who enjoys a book about hope and courage.

Karen Blake


This is a great story written with such brutal honesty. Jim Chatterton’s true story of the struggles he faced after a debilitating stroke and the strength he was able to somehow muster to overcome its physical, mental and emotional effects will make you believe anything is possible.

Jenn Lattimore


As I don’t normally read autobiographies i was a bit put off reading the book but was asked to do so. I was hooked from the 1st chapter. Jim was completely honest about his disabilities and the effect of these on his physical and mental welfare and also his family. Having said this I never, throughout the whole book found it maudlin or depressing, just the opposite in fact. It was written with the info and understanding only a fellow sufferer can impart and I found it sad, enlightening and profound in equal measure

Kath Thomson

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