Lost Coast Trail Part Three

Thursday was a much easier day to hike. It was mainly off the beach on a flat trail so we could make up time after yesterday’s difficult hike.

The day was yet again warm and sunny and the wind had died down. In fact I had gotten quite a bit of sunburn on my head and forearms. I looked like a real backpacker now!!

I had my revenge over Cesar today. While we walked over the flat trail I was leading the way when suddenly I heard a yelp like a cat getting it’s tail stuck in a doorway. I turned around to see Cesar doing an Indian Rain Dance in the middle of the trail.

I tried to find out what he was doing but he was unable to speak. Instead he just pointed at the ground with his eyes as wide as saucers.

I looked down to see the smallest snake I had ever seen in my entire life. This poor little creature had come within an inch of being stamped on by Cesar’s big boots, and he was the one yelping!! Needless to say I thought it was hilarious, and it was my turn to laugh my head off!!

We made good time today and walked a further 7 miles to Big Flat Creek. In complete contrast to yesterday we found an excellent campsite and although it was nowhere near as windy as Wednesday we were in a good position just in case the wind got up again.

We were in camp early for a change so we had time to air out our gear and have a good rest before dinner. One of the coolest things that I have ever seen happened to us during this break. A male deer came out of the woods and came within about 20 feet of us. He just stood there and looked at us for several minutes before going back into the woods and joining his herd.

We were just glad that it wasn’t a bear!!






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