Lost Coast Trail Part Two

Wednesday morning was equally as beautiful as Tuesday had been, and we set off on our next adventure with the aim of getting to Kinsey Creek. As it was we didn’t quite make it. The hiking today was difficult and very slow. We passed through the first of the long stretches of impassable high tide areas and although we did most of it at low tide there were sections that involved scrambling over wet rocks in order to get past them.

In one area in particular we had a very difficult scramble and also had to time the waves in running around the outcrops. Cesar made it just fine. However, I cannot run and I am not very fast because of my leg. So there I am going around the world’s biggest rock as fast as my leg would take me when this wave comes in and knocks me clean off my feet. I landed splat head first into the surf and emerged absolutely soaking.

Naturally all Cesar could do was laugh his head off at my predicament as he thought that it was highly amusing. Fortunately for me it was a hot day so I dried out pretty quickly. I would get my own back tomorrow!!

There is no doubt that this was the most difficult day we encountered, and although we managed to walk a total of 7 miles it was not enough to get us to Kinsey Creek. In part due to my lack of mobility and speed and mainly because of the difficult terrain we only made it as as far as Spanish Flat Creek which is a few miles short of Kinsey Creek.

During the night the wind had blown pretty hard and we were glad of the protection our campsite offered us, so without a doubt the highlight of the day was our encounter with Wailing Wilson and his friend who always looked like Mr Angry, so we christened him Charles Manson. As we set off from camp we climbed up onto the most exposed, unprotected area that we had seen to date. Sure enough there was Dumb and Dumber sat in their campsite right on the exposed hill.

They were trying to make their breakfast, and were having extreme difficulty due to the wind. They had a thermarest sleeping pad wrapped around their cookware trying to shelter it, but the wind kept billowing the pad like a kite and blowing their stove out.

We mentioned our encounter with the bear. Wailing Wilson looked at us and yelled “Are You Shittin’ Me? You mean there are bears here?”

After a moment he looked again and added intelligently “They smell you know”

At this point we realized that the dog was the most intelligent member of this trio and chuckled as we left them to their impossible task of making breakfast.

During the day the wind had gotten up again, and by the time we reached camp it was very strong. Strong enough in fact to push us around quite easily as we walked.

The ground was extremely rocky and good sheltered campsites were at a premium. In the end we found the best place we could that at least had reasonable shelter for one tent. Cesar put his tent up at this place.

I placed mine nearby in what turned out to be a bad choice. The wind was so bad that we had to put rocks onto our staking points to hold down the stakes. During the night my tent pole blew right into itself, almost folding it in half. It was the windiest night I have ever spent in a tent and I was worried that it would not make it.

I need not have worried though. Terra Nova make great tents and mine was no exception. I did lose my tent pole bag but otherwise I was safe and sound.

Cesar had an equally windy night and his Sierra Designs withstood the wind exceptionally well as well. All in all we had a good night’s sleep with everything taken into consideration.




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